helen eke - curate

Rev Steve has asked me to introduce myself to you. All things being well I should be ordained as Deacon on the 4th July to then start my curacy within the Carr Dyke Group of Parishes, but with the current situation somethings may be put on hold.
My name is Helen Eke and have been studying at the Lincoln School of Theology for the last five years and looking forward to being able to put some of this learning into practise, but I think there will be so much more to learn! 

I live in Kirkby on Bain near Woodhall Spa with my husband and two children, the oldest one studying her MS at university in Lincoln and my youngest is in year four at the local primary school. 

I was born in Nottinghamshire and then with my father’s job we settled in Spalding when I was a child. Marrying Doug has brought me to this part of the county. 

Although not moving out of the county, I have travelled to many areas of the country with my involvement in competitive swimming, where I achieved a national standard of swimming. This passion for swimming has not diminished as I am currently employed part time as swimming teacher and aquacise instructor with Jubilee Park and am still competing (whenever I have the time) at a Masters level. I am also employed by Walcott Primary School for a few hours each morning to help in the office as an Administrative Assistant. 

We are a sporty family with my husband being a triathlon coach in his spare time, we enjoy lots of outdoor activities as a family. I enjoy being in my garden and at present with the youngest we are building a pond and redesigning the garden. 

I hope the gifts that God has blessed me with will help me in being part of the Carr Dyke Group. I very much look forward to meeting and working with you all. Let us hope it is soon!