Watoto Children's Choir - Meet The children
Meet Catherine, an 11-year-old girl with big dreams for her future. Like many girls her age, she also loves playing with her friends, skipping rope and reading story books. 

Catherine’s life wasn’t always easy though. Her mother is a single mom who couldn’t afford to send Catherine to school and often struggled to take care of the family’s basic needs. Watoto learned of their situation and is coming alongside Catherine and her mother.  

Through our Watoto Neighbourhood initiative, we’re equipping her mother with business skills so she can provide for herself and her kids. And at the same time, we’re providing Catherine with a quality education and a chance to realise her

Catherine is grateful that she now gets to go to school and hopes to become a doctor one day. She’s also excited that she gets the opportunity to travel to the UK and the Netherlands with the Watoto Children’s Choir in 2020. 

When we asked Catherine what she was looking forward to most on tour she shared, “I’m excited to see people give their lives to Christ, and to help get more sponsors for other children like me.” 

We think those are pretty special things to look forward to and can’t wait to see all that God does through this girl as she grows up. 

A bit more about Catherine: 
  • Her favourite subject in school is maths. 
  • When she’s not playing, she enjoys helping her mother with the chores around the house and going to church.                      
David is a sweet boy with a bright future.
Sadly, David’s mother died when he was very little. Although he had a difficult start in life, David was brought to Watoto where he was welcomed into a loving family, and given a safe place to call home. 

Now at eight years old David is passionate about going to school. He shared that he wants to be a good farmer when he grows up, and with his determination we believe that’s exactly what he’ll be. 

In the meantime, David gets the chance to tour the UK and the Netherlands with the Watoto Children’s Choir and can’t wait to show off his awesome communication skills – a talent he feels is his best. 

 If you get a chance to see the choir on the road, please come say hi to David. He’d love to meet you! 

 A bit more about David: 
  • David’s favourite subject in school is maths. 
  • David’s favourite hobby is playing football with his Watoto brothers. 
  • David is excited to see new and different place on tour, and hopes to get the chance to play on a playground – or two – throughout the journey. 

Moses is a natural leader who loves making friends. 

Although he was abandoned as a baby, Moses was rescued and embraced by a loving family at Watoto where he is receiving everything he needs to grow up healthy, whole and full of purpose. 

Today, Moses can’t help but to smile when talking about his dreams for the future. “When I grow up I want to be a flight attendant and travel the world,” exclaimed Moses. 

And while it may be a few years before that happens, Moses is thrilled he gets to travel to the UK and the Netherlands with the Watoto Children’s Choir sharing all about what God is doing in his life. 

We’d love to invite you to come see the Choir and meet Moses. And when you see him, get ready to make a new friend. 

A bit more about Moses 

  • Moses’ favourite subject in school is English.
  • Moses is a chess player. 
  • At home, his friends call him by his nickname, “Doctor”. 
  • He has a passion for basketball where his determined personality makes him a perfect team leader on the court. 
  • Moses loves the 10 Commandments in the bible and shared, “I like the 10 Commandments because I have the same name as Moses.”

Come and experience the exciting, entrancing, enriching, enhancing, energetic performance, full of love, passion, commitment, worship, devotion, that is
The Watoto Children’s Choir.
Live on Saturday 18th April 2020 at 4pm at North Kyme Village Hall
Vacherie Lane, North Kyme, Lincoln LN4 4DL